New Educational Materials

Hong Kong’s Plastic Pollution Problem

Our fantastic new animated video and lesson plans make it easy for teachers to educate Hong Kong students about plastic, it’s impact after disposal and how they can reduce plastic in their daily lives. The video and lesson plans are available in Cantonese and English.

The video will be enjoyed by people of all ages. Watch and share with your friends and co-workers. 

We have a plastic pollution problem

Recycling alone won’t fix this global crisis

In Hong Kong, 5 million plastic beverage bottles end up in landfills EACH DAY.

Scientists estimate 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters our oceans each year.

At best, as little as 9% of all plastic ever produced globally has been recycled.

Plastic Free Seas is a Hong Kong based environmental charity focused on changing the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns.


Start YOUR JOURNEY for plastic reduction here by choosing your persona.

I am a Student

Understanding the issue of plastic pollution and taking actions to make a difference can have big impacts!

I am an Educator

Education is crucial for the next generation to be equipped with the tools needed to tackle this wicked problem.

I am an Individual

Every single person is part of the plastic problem and part of the solution. What can you do to make a difference?

I am a Company

The PFS Corporate Programme includes informative and interactive Lunch & Learn talks and beach cleanups.

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