Coastal Watch 2014-2016

Coastal Watch was the first collaborative conservation project in Hong Kong to concurrently conduct marine litter and ecological surveys on seashores, in coastal waters and underwater.

The following studies were undertaken twice per year between July 2014 and July 2016 at each of the locations: ecological, land-based macro-litter, land-based micro-litter, coastal floating litter and underwater litter.

Project Background and Objectives

The spirit of the two-year Coastal Watch project focused on bringing forward the momentum and action-oriented mind-set created after the plastic pellet spill of 2012 and encouraging every Hongkonger to cherish our oceans and keep them clean. Developed by WWF and six strategic partner organisations – Eco Marine, Ecovision’s Hong Kong Cleanup, Green Council, Eco-Education and Resources Centre, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong and Plastic Free Seas, Coastal Watch was at its heart a citizen science project which used scientifically-sound methodologies to study, protect and provide year-round monitoring of Hong Kong’s ecologically valuable coastal habitats.

The ultimate objectives of Coastal Watch were to survey the size and scale of Hong Kong’s marine litter problem, develop a long-term solution to marine litter, educate a broad segment of the Hong Kong public about our marine environment and inspire and mobilise people from across society to take positive action to shape the future of our waters. Coastal Watch chose six marine habitats: mangroves, mudflats, sandy shores (specifically non-gazetted beaches – i.e. those which receive no regular cleaning), rocky shores, coral communities and coastal water areas (which were visited with the help of the fishing community). By coming to understand the biodiversity of these areas and the way in which they are impacted by marine litter, Coastal Watch sought to formulate practical solutions to conserve our marine environment.

The final report from the Coastal Watch Project - Analysis, Recommendations, Goals and Achievements

Coastal Watch Report (Eng)

Coastal Watch – Turning the Tide Against Marine Litter

Coastal Watch Report (CHI)

育養海岸 守護海洋的日子

10 Ways to Reduce Marine Litter in Hong Kong Poster

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Coastal Watch Videos

To learn more about the Coastal Watch and hear from co-organisers, please watch the videos on the Coastal Watch YouTube Channel. To view them please click on the button below. 

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