CAS (Community, Action, Service) Ideas

To meet your school requirements, whether you are looking for an action which will take you a few hours on a regular basis, or a more involved project, check out the list below for ideas on what you can do to help Plastic Free Seas and make change happen.

What will you do to reduce plastic pollution?

  • Start a dialogue with a restaurant to encourage them to stop using polystyrene for take away.
  • Convince restaurants to stop using plastic straws and to only give straws out on request.
  • Organise a beach cleanup. Record what you collect to raise awareness and encourage behaviour change in your school or club.
  • Document the unnecessary plastic packaging used by a grocery store and start a dialogue with them about reducing it.
  • Write to companies who use excessive and unnecessary plastic packaging.
  • Write to property management companies about their use of disposable umbrella bags.
  • Find products labelled environmentally friendly, biodegradable and/or compostable and check whether the labelling is clear or misleading. Write to the companies if you feel they are misleading. Educate others on this problem.
  • Does your sports team use a lot of single-use plastic bottles? Convince them to switch to reusables.
  • Is your building’s recycling being separated properly? If not, educate the residents on what to do. And find out where your recyclables are going to. If there is no recycling in your building, talk to the property management about it.
  • Start a social media campaign to highlight good examples of plastic reduction. Create a hashtag to track the posts.
  • Start a recycling collection for liquid cartons (Tetra Paks) in your school or community.
  • Volunteer regularly at a pop-up recycling station, and help to educate the public on proper recycling, and more importantly on the need for reduction.
  • Become a regular Plastic Free Seas’ volunteer at our monthly beach cleanups.

Contact us if any of these ideas interest you and we would be happy to help guide you. Or talk to us about your own ideas.

Which path will you choose to take action?

There are many ways that an individual can take action, either by reducing their own use of plastic or by influencing change in the communities around them. Whether you organise a beach cleanup, write a letter to a restaurant or a shop or start an online petition, the options are endless. Check out our mind map below to help figure out what action you can take as part of your CAS programme.