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Plastic Free Seas In Action

Since 2013 PFS has worked with over 360 schools, delivering hundreds of talks, workshops and educational activities to more than 119,000 students in schools, on the beach and out at sea. We have worked with 150 corporate groups.

During Covid-19, PFS reached students and corporate groups both face-to-face and via virtual platforms such as Zoom.

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Past Programmes


PFS Youth Conference


The Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference 2013 was all about solutions to plastic pollution problems. It’s about empowering you, your school & your community to adopt changes & make BIG impacts. What you do counts!

Coastal Watch


Coastal Watch’s aim was to clean up Hong Kong’s coastlines and trace the sources of marine litter by performing litter and ecological surveys, ultimately helping the government formulate effective long-term solutions to our persistent marine litter problem.

PFS Sea Classroom


The Little Blue Trawler, a 15.6m converted ex-fishing trawler housed the PFS Sea Classroom.  Through experiential, hands-on learning, over 2000 students were immersed in the topic of plastic marine pollution using elements of science, marine biology, geography, English, mathematics, current affairs and sustainability as well as through remote area beach cleanup activities.

Past Fundraisers

Lantau Island Swim


A record-breaking 75km swim around Lantau Island by Olivier Baillet & Bruce Pye took 5 days, and the swimmers battled rough seas, coral and debris. Amazingly they got to swim alongside Chinese white dolphins!



Paddle Round Lantau Island


Katherine Lynch, Katerina Vichou and Shu Pu are three outrigger paddlers from Hong Kong Outrigger Canoe Club and Pure Ocean Connection who paddled 70km in double and solo outrigger canoes around Lantau Island.



Lantau Island Paddle


Discovery Bay teachers Jonny Haines and Tim Tait took on the challenge to SUP around Lantau Island over 5 consecutive days. Raising money and highlighting the issue of plastic pollution.

#ArtVplastic Project


Sometimes it takes something beautiful to beat something ugly. That's why two of Hong Kong's celebrated artists Martin Lever and William Furniss, have created a collection of stunning artwork celebrating Hong Kong's precious coastline.

Focus on Our Seas Fundraiser


Plastic Free Seas held its first fundraiser. The theme was 'Art' and we joined forces with multiple artists to create artwork from much of our found beach treasures.

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Past Blog Posts

The Plastic Free Seas blog started before Plastic Free Seas existed! Travel back to where it all started on the Journey to the Plastic Ocean. Read about the fundraising before the Journey, what happened in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and what has happened  since!