What is your Plastic Footprint?

Do you know how much waste you produce each day? 

In Hong Kong the average person throws out 1.39kg of waste every day – that is over 500kg a year or 2 tonnes for a family of 4!

There is no doubt that we all have to reduce our waste. 

Will you take on the challenge and do a Plastic Footprint Investigation to find out the size of your plastic footprint?

What do I need to do?

  1. Collect (clean and store) all the plastic waste you create in a specific period of time, i.e. one or two weeks.
  2. After the time period is over, lay out all the plastic on the floor or a table and categorise it by what it’s used for. For example bags with bags, personal care products together, food packaging, takeaway containers etc.
  3. Record the amount with a photo and make a list of all you use.

Now the real challenge begins!

  • What plastic habits could you change?
  • How can you use less plastic?
  • Can you use reusables more?
  • Can you get some of the products without the packaging?
  • Which company could you contact first to request that they reduce their packaging?


Share the challenge and inspire others to do the same!

Plastic Footprint Investigation