The #ArtVplastic Project 2018


Sometimes it takes something beautiful to beat something ugly. That’s why two of Hong Kong’s celebrated artists, Martin ‘Li Wah’ Lever and William Furniss joined forces to create a bespoke collection of stunning original artwork celebrating Hong Kong’s precious coastline. Their donated art* – along with your support – helped Plastic Free Seas educate Hong Kong’s next generation and fight the growing scourge of single-use plastic waste in our coastal waters.

$185,000 raised from The #ArtVplastic Project!

A massive thank you to Martin and Will for supporting Plastic Free Seas’ education programmes. Some of the money raised will directly fund the production of digital media for use within the Lesson Plan portal for teacher’s use. The rest will be supporting programme development and implementation.

And of course a very big thank you to all the supporters who purchased Martin and Will’s fabulous art.

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Eco-artists in Hong Kong wage war on plastic through works that raise awareness of issues both local and global

More art is being created worldwide to build awareness and stimulate dialogue on environmental issues. From Hong Kong’s ArtVplastic project to Disney characters in distress, we check out the latest in eco-art

Martin Lever

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Above Pui O

Above Cheung Sha

Above Deep Water Bay

Above Sheko III

Above Sheko II

William Furniss

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Plastic Free

Construct #1

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Fundraiser Social Media Artwork