School Talks and Workshops

Are you looking for an experienced guest speaker to lead an informative, educational, age appropriate and engaging talk with your students on the issue of plastic marine pollution and related topics such as waste reduction and recycling?

Read below to find out how you can book Plastic Free Seas for a talk or workshop in English or Cantonese.

Why Book a Talk or Workshop?

Over 330 schools in Hong Kong have invited Plastic Free Seas to deliver an engaging talk on plastic pollution, and we have reached more than 111,000 students.  Group sizes range from small group sessions to single classes, year groups and school assemblies, and we have age appropriate talks for students in nursery school through to University.

Plastic marine pollution is a global issue that impacts everyone. Each year 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans – a lot of this is single-use plastic used for packaging and consumption of food and beverages. The only way we are going to stop this global plastic waste problem is by creating a greater understanding of the issue, encouraging consumer action and personal behaviour change, and pushing for more corporate responsibility and government policy. With Hong Kong’s recycling industry in dire flux and the landfills almost full, we all need to be reducing the amount of single-use plastic we use on a daily basis.

Plastic Free Seas school talks cover these topics and more. With opportunities for discussion, students will have a good understanding of the problem and how they can personally make a difference. The length of the talk depends on the age group, and start from 30 mins for the youngest students to one hour for older students, including time for Q&A.

Our 1-hour workshops are an opportunity to delve deeper into the issue with hands-on learning. The current workshop focuses on microplastics and uses microbeads in skin care products as a basis for learning. The programme is best suited to running in a science lab with smaller groups.  

How much does a talk or workshop cost?

The school talks and standard workshop sessions are provided free of charge to schools.
The costs are covered through donations, fundraising and our corporate programme.

Primary School Talk & Workshop Information 

Secondary School Talk & Workshop Information

On behalf of Year 6 at Renaissance CollegeI would like to express our gratitude for the virtual session Mimi conducted with our students this morning. She shared so much information in an engaging manner, and took the time to answer student questions afterwards. I even learned a thing or two. Thank you so much for your time!
Tonya Keyser