And so it begins …

Captain Moore cleared customs at 1830 today and was at his first speaking engagement 40 minutes later.  He was the guest speaker at the International Coastal Cleanup Challenge team briefing where he talked of the relationship between plastics on the land and their relationship to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  The ICC Challenge is in its 12th year now organised by Ecovision Asia and this year they have expanded their cleanup program to include country parks and city cleanups.  Not only will this stop more trash from flowing downstream/hill/drain and ending up on the beaches but it gets more people connected with the whole of the waste issue.  It is certainly a great thing to be a part of!

A big thank you to the sponsors for supporting Captain Moore’s visit too.  Marius from Ovolo  have put Captain Moore up for the week in one of their apartments in Central.  He will no doubt get some great rest there inbetween all the speaking engagements that have been organised for him this week. And Nissa from Ecovision Asia who sponsored his flight from Tokyo.

One very happy Captain at Ovolo resting up before he hits the town tomorrow.  Listen out on RTHK Radio 3 at 11am with Phil Whelan (12th Sept) having The Plastic Pollution Conversation with Charles.  Green Drinks in the evening so if you are free after work drop by Bisous from 7.30pm.