In celebration of Earth Day. let us take the time to join millions around the world to think about what we can do to protect the environment for ourselves and for generations to come. In Hong Kong, the government is celebrating Earth Day by implementing a ban on some single-use plastic items to reduce plastic waste and create a more healthy environment for us to live in. The government is doing their part, here are some ideas of what you can do.

  • Welcome your new staff with a waste-free kit including a reusable lunch box and cutlery.
  • Replace plastic water bottle dispensers in your office with water filters.
  • Eliminate single-use plastic items from the pantry or coffee corner.
  • Have reusable containers for your team to borrow for getting takeaway food.
  • Partner with restaurants around your office for discounts if you bring your company’s containers.
  • Engage your team in CSR activities: collect spare reusable bottles and flasks to donate to a charity or a group in need.
  • Cut down on paper usage. Can you eliminate the need for hard copies? Set the printer to automatically print double sided.
  • Eliminate individual under-desk waste bins.
  • Do you have waste separation for recycling in your office? Find a recycling collection company you can trust. Here are some recommendations:
V Cycle, Love Recycling Plus, Sou Sou Plastic Recycling, HK Recycles, The Loops or take your recycling to a Green@Community store.
  • Do you know what can and cannot be recycled in your office? Is there good signage? If not, talk to the office manager about improving it.
  • Plan a beach or trail cleanup. It’s a great team building event and you will be educating others and removing waste from the environment.
  • Screen a film. Here are some suggestions: The Story of Plastic and The Plastic Ocean. To understand more about the problem of plastic in the fashion industry, we recommend The True Cost and Refashioned. Make it a waste-free event with package-free food and drinks.
  • Support a global movement and organise a Nurdle Hunt or an event for Plastic Free July.
  • Organise 2nd hand by organising a clothing swap in the office. You can donate the leftovers to local charity Redress.

Earth day is just the start! Live a plastic-free life throughout the year. We would love to see pictures of how you choose to celebrate Earth Day. Share the actions you have taken on social media and tag us @Plasticfreeseas.

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  • Plan an office event using only reusable food containers – no waste!
  • Organise a package-free week in the office – encourage people to avoid bringing single-use food containers, drink cups, cutlery or bags into the office.
  • Carry your reusable water bottle for one week.