In celebration of Earth Day. let us take the time to join millions around the world to think about what we can do to protect the environment for ourselves and for generations to come. In Hong Kong, the government is celebrating Earth Day by implementing a ban on some single-use plastic items to reduce plastic waste and create a more healthy environment for us to live in. The government is doing their part, here are some ideas of what you can do.

  • Set up an online tool library. You can borrow tools from your neighbours instead of buying them.
  • Regift an item to a friend. Instead of wrapping paper, use a reusable gift bag or a scarf.
  • Try to repair a broken item before you dispose of it. Mend holes in clothing. For broken electronics, you can find a repair cafe.
  • To see how much plastic waste you create, calculate your plastic footprint. It’s fun and easy to do, and it will help you know where to start in order to reduce your waste.
  • How much do you know about plastic and how it affects our lives? Find out by taking this fun quiz.
  • Gather some friends and screen a film. Here are some suggestions: The Story of Plastic and The Plastic Ocean. To understand more about the problem of plastic in the fashion industry we recommend The True Cost and Refashioned. Make it a waste-free event with package-free food and drinks.
  • Be part of a global movement and organise a Nurdle Hunt or an event for Plastic Free July,
  • Bring friends or people in your community together for a fun event and help reduce waste at the same time. You can organise a ‘swap’: some items to swap are clothes, books, bottles, bags and lots more. Why not share waste-free snacks and drinks as well! Or check out Top Swap’s events.

Earth day is just the start! Live a plastic-free life throughout the year. We would love to see pictures of how you choose to celebrate Earth Day. Share the actions you have taken on social media and tag us @Plasticfreeseas.

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  • Plan a waste free barbecue.
  • How about buying nothing but food for a week?
  • Assemble a kit of a reusable lunchbox, drinks cup and utensils by shopping in your own kitchen. For free!
  • Don’t use any single-use containers or cutlery for one month.
  • Cook a celebratory meal and buy all your ingredients package free.