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One Action Multiplied Can Make a Big Difference!

Think about how often you grab a takeaway coffee, a bottle of water, a chocolate bar or those sachets of wasabi and soy sauce for your takeaway sushi? What about the disposable cutlery wrapped in a little plastic bag or the plastic cup containing chopped fruit? What about the plastic lid and the plastic straw that come with the disposable cup containing your smoothie/ slushie/ milkshake? All these little choices add up to a lot of waste created.

But all of this disposable plastic can be avoided with pre-planning and a switch to choosing reusables over disposables.

As consumers, we have power in how we spend our money and what messages we want to give to companies. The packaging that companies choose to deliver their products in can change. When customers use their power of choice, they are sending a strong message to companies.

Support the companies that are prioritising waste reduction actions and striving for a less polluted environment for all.

Did You Know?



Half of the 200 plastic straws removed from one Hong Kong beach cleanup had obvious bite marks from fish.  Every piece of plastic matters.

The PFS Plastic-Free Living Checklist

Make a choice.  Stop a habit.  Do something different today!  Everyone can reduce their plastic usage and we want to help you on your waste reduction path. Put up a simple action checklist on your fridge and incorporate a new habit in your life. Start slow, don’t get overwhelmed and keep at it.

There will be days when you do have to take that one plastic bag or use disposable cutlery, but refusing plastic will become a habit and it won’t be long before carrying a few extra bits and pieces in your bag will be automatic. As will saying no to plastic and inspiring others!

This list is not everything you can do but it is a great start. What action will you take on today?

Plastic free living checklist

6 Simple Tips


These are the six switches that can have a really big impact.

More than 40% of the plastic produced globally is used for packaging.

By avoiding disposable items and making reusable items a new daily habit you’ll be wasting less and setting a great example for others to follow.

Hang this poster in the office, at school or share on social media.

Cantonese Pocket Guide to Help You Say No to Plastic!

Download and save on your phone or print and keep it handy in your bag.

What Next?

Now we need you to Use Your Voice loud and clear and push for more waste reduction actions in cafes, restaurants, food and drink companies and more …