It is Monday 28th of May and I have been in Tokyo for 2 days.  On Saturday I settled into our accommodation ‘Fight House’ and met some of my crewmates.  We went out to dinner at a local restaurant with the whole crew from leg one (who sailed to Tokyo) and all of the crew for my trip, leg 2.  Captain Charles Moore, the credited founder of the the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and author of ‘Plastic Ocean’ was there too which was very exciting.  I was also very much looking forward to meeting Marina DeBris the celebrated Trashion designer (pictured in the middle below with the fab models) who has just presented her Trashion show in the US, Sydney and Tokyo.  All her creations are made from beach rubbish she has found in the US.

After a very filling multi coursed dinner we went back to Fight House for an after party (and more food provided by our lovely hosts) and enjoyed a showing of the Trashion dresses worn for a welcome ‘Hula‘ dance.  The dresses were amazing and incredibly detailed.  One made from lost teddy bears, another from foil balloons, the party dress made from foil streamers & foil bows and the ‘wedding dress‘ made from white plastic.

It was a great night getting to know everyone, hearing about the first leg and talking plastic!