Focus on our Seas Fundraiser

Nov 18, 2016

Plastic Free Seas held its first fundraiser with an art themed event.

Whilst the night had its ups and not so ups – like when the power went off to the venue for an hour – it was a fun and successful night. 

It was a unique opportunity to also utilise a lot of the treasures we have found on the beach over the years!

With much thanks from Tracey, Dana & Julia

$100,000 raised from the Focus on Our Seas Fundraiser!

Thank you to everyone who supported our first Plastic Free Seas Fundraiser. We raised well over $100,000 on the night for the 2017 bilingual education program.

We will be able to continue delivering our talks, workshops, community engagement events and educational and action-focused beach cleanups throughout the year.

Photo Gallery


Thank you to all the volunteers who also made this event actually get off the ground and be such a fabulously well run and organised night. Many of you are captured in the photo gallery – some of you escaped the camera lens!

Keynote Speaker - Charles

Our longstanding advocate and volunteer Charles gave an outstanding speech from the perspective of ‘the next generation’.  He told everyone why we need to act now and with urgency. His powerful voice brought a few people to tears! Thank you Charles for all you do and what you will do long in to the future.

Plastic Free Seas has inspired me to care for our environment, and I want to make more people to change their habits. If I can do it, so can YOU!

Charles, Age 7

The Artwork for Auction, Sale & Display

The students from SCAD were given free range with the collected ‘treasures’ from our beach cleanups over the previous years.

They produced sculptures that were auctioned or produced photographs of the sculptures that were then sold.

Our most coveted beach find, Rosie the Carousel Horse, was also on display with funds raised going towards ‘Rosie’s Adventure’, a storybook about plastic pollution from a unique perspective.

Special thanks also to artist El McColl for her work on our backdrop and also the rubber duck installation!  And to our long standing supporter, artist Roz Keep for her paintings.

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