Fundraise – Students

Plastic Free Seas is extremely grateful to all everyone who supports our programmes financially.  We do not receive government funding and unlike many charities we do not pay people to fundraise for us.  Money donated supports our education programmes or pays staff to run our programmes.

Over the years there have been some fabulous fundraisers organised by individuals and groups.  Here are a few examples below to inspire you …


Food Based Fundraisers

There have been cakes, donuts and other sweet treats sold at school fairs, community stalls and at events.

For a Hong Kong twist there was a group of students (pictured) that made and sold 500 dumplings at school.

The ideas are endless for food and drink related fundraising.

Sports Based Fundraisers

Over the years sports fundraising has come from events of all ages.  There has been money raised from dualthlons, triathlons, running races, biking, hiking, swimming, paddling, standup paddle boarding, canoeing, rugby, and dragonboating.

There has been money raised from team events and from individual challenges.  There are no limits to the extent of fundraising from sports!

Other Fundraisers

This category is limited only by your imagination! PFS has received donations from Trashion (Trash+Fashion) events, secondhand toy, book and clothing sales.

There has been so much art produced with upcycled beach plastic. Sculptures have been made, some of which have gone into galleries and auctions, photographs and paintings have been produced and sold too.

Jewellery has also been crafted from beach plastic and glass.

Books about plastic pollution have been written and proceeds from the sales donated.

Twopresents Fundraisers

Twopresents is a unique, award-winning party invitation service with a charitable twist. It allows you to send party invitations and raise funds for a charity and gift of your choice. It’s an easy way to make a difference through your celebration.

PFS has benefited greatly over the years with hundreds of children (and adults!) sharing their celebration.

Visit to set up your party!

Green Club Fundraisers

Green Days or Weeks have become annual events in many schools as have World Ocean or Environment Days.  The focus is always on raising awareness of particular issues and involoving the students and wider community in taking action. Often there is a fundraising element.

PFS has been involved frequently during these important learning opportunities to support the work of the school with talks, beach cleanups or other activities.

Students and student clubs have had fundraising drives, dress down days, dress in a specific colour (blue or green!) or held competitions for students to show off their environmental themed work.