This just in in the last five minutes via satellite phone. We are having problems with recieving fragmented messages in the last two days, but now seems to be working if no punctuation is included, makes it more interesting I think!

“Ok no punctuation  I am missing you and the kids a lot today  I spottoed the most interesting bit of debris today with my eagle eye  far far away I saw a bobbing black spot and we were able to sail to a half submerged  half boat from the tsunami  We finally got to go for a swim in the beautiful blue ocean around the boat and it was pretty amazing  The amount of fish surrounding the boat was surprising and the colour below was so intense and incredible

I am looking forward to having a shower where i can stand upright and wash my hair without headbutting a door exclamation mark  I have so many bruises

Yesterday we did boat slash boot camp and a sperm whale breached 20 m away from the boat again v v cool it was the best exercise class I have done smiley face

Have fun at Hems tonight say hi and good luck to the Cobras”

Tracey aka 1plasticMum