The Lantau Island Paddle

Feb 2-6th 2018 

The Lantau Island Paddle saw Jonny Haines and Tim Tait paddleboard 75km around the whole of Lantau Island, over five consecutive days.

They faced changes in currents, traffic from passing boats and the airport, unknown coastline hazards and, of course, undertook a huge physical challenge.

$125,000 raised from The Lantau Island Paddle!

They did it! And what a huge success it was. Jonny and Tim spent over 26 hours on the water, accumulated a total of 98.9km paddling and raised a whopping HK$125,000! The challenge was tough, physically and mentally, but so worth it. The things encountered along the way were massively eye-opening and heartbreaking but the support received from the community was overwhelming and kept Jonny and Tim going throughout the whole week.

Money raised will directly support the expansion and delivery of the PFS education programmes – thank you!

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The Highlights

Jonny & Tim

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To read all about The Lantau Island Paddle, from the training to the big adventure, as well as to learn more about what Jonny and Tim did after, go to their website.

Haines and Tait have recently become ardent campaigners against growing ocean plastic pollution.

“Some of the beaches you see, it makes you feel sick to your stomach,” Haines said.

“Everyone has the same values when you talk about it,” Tait said. “No one wants it there. All the opinions and values, they don’t matter until they turn into action.”

Article and quote from the SCMP

Photo: Xiaomei Chen