75km Round Lantau Island Swim Challenge

Oct 29-Nov 2nd 2014 

Two Discovery Bay residents, experienced marathon and triathlon sportsmen Bruce Pye and Olivier Baillet embarked on a monumental challenge, to swim around the entire Lantau Island – a staggering 75km over 5 days.

They were the first people to swim around Lantau Island!

$120,000+ raised from The Lantau Island Swim!

After 5 days of tough swimming all around Lantau Island, Bruce and Olivier made it back to Discovery Bay amongst the cheers of the welcoming supporters. The swimmers battled tough currents and pollution, sharp coral and mental and physical fatigue. They were rewarded though with sightings of dolphins near the airport and along the Fan Lau coastline. The support crews were fantastic, staying close to the swimmers in their kayaks, outriggers or the speedboat.  

Money raised supported the PFS Sea Classroom programme.

The Journey Video

Olivier & Bruce

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To read all about The Round Lantau Island Swim, from the training to the big adventure, check out Olivier’s Blog.

On some days Lantau appeared as a vision of “radiance”, with pink dolphins and sunrises helping to bolster spirits which were dampened by drops in body temperature, fatigue and searing pain. On others, it looked more like a scene from a “post-apocalyptic movie”, said Baillet who described swimming by drilling machines near Tung Chung as an “eerie” experience.

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Photo: Jonathan Wong. Article and quote: SCMP

The Promo Video