Lunch & Learn

Are you seeking an experienced guest speaker for an informative, educational and engaging
educational programme for your staff?

.The corporate events Plastic Free Seas organises are the foundation with which we run our education programs free of charge in schools. The financial support from companies allows us to offer a variety of programs from talks, art and science classes, action and awareness days to youth conferences in both local and international schools.

The charity is also funded through donations from individuals, foundations and corporate groups. 

Why Book a Lunch & Learn?

Many companies host an employee Lunch & Learn event to engage staff in a discussion on important issues. Waste reduction and plastic usage are very important topics, both locally and globally.

Plastic marine pollution is a global issue that impacts everyone. Each year, 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans – much of this is single-use plastic used for packaging and consumption of food and beverages. The only way we are going to stop this global plastic waste problem is through consumer action and corporate responsibility. Recycling cannot be the solution, and as Hong Kong’s landfills are filling up quickly, we all need to be reducing the amount of single-use plastic we use.

Plastic Free Seas’ Lunch & Learn events cover these topics and more. With opportunities for discussion, participants will leave with a good understanding of the problem and how they can personally make a difference and be motivated to improve the waste reduction systems within the work place and in their personal lives.

About the Lunch & Learn

The fee for a week day Lunch & Learn session is HK$2,000 and is given by a senior Plastic Free Seas staff. Events can be arranged at any time of the day in your office to suit your needs. The session usually lasts one hour, including time for discussion. (There is a 50% weekend surcharge.)

If the session is held over the lunch period, the company may choose to provide a minimal-waste lunch for the participants, or ask them to bring their own lunch. Encourage the use of reusable containers for any food brought in, and it is fitting to offer a vegetarian meal.

Since your talk our team have not used straws, takeaway containers, plastic drink bottles, disposable coffee cups and we did our own beach cleanup.


After your Lunch & Learn talk don’t forget to share photos of your new plastic-reducing habits with Plastic Free Seas on Facebook and Instagram!