Municipal Solid Waste Charging - Template Letters

With the implementation of waste charging in Hong Kong on August 1, 2024, waste reduction will be something most people will be thinking more about. All residents and businesses will need to purchase designated bags to dispose of their rubbish in. The best way is to reduce waste is create less waste in the first place: be conscious of unnecessary packaging; choose to buy package-free whenever possible, avoid take-aways or bring your own container; repair instead of replace, sell or give-away good quality items you no longer need, etc.


No matter how diligent you are, it is impossible to avoid all waste.

By recycling more, and composting your food waste, you can also reduce the waste you need to dispose of in the designated rubbish bags. But not all residential buildings offer a wide range of recycling & food waste composting.


PFS has created  template letters for you to use to communicate with your property management office.

If you are facing any of the following challenges in your residential building, you can use our template letters or feel free to modify them or create your own.

1. There are recycling bins available in the building, but for plastics, only plastic bottles are being collected.

2. There is no food waste composting collection offered.

3. The property management company is considering offering a certain number of the designated rubbish bags to residents and charging a set amount as part of the management fees. This does not align with the polluter pays principle and will not encourage people to reduce their waste or recycle more as there is no direct relationship between when they dispose of and the cost to them.

All Plastics
Template Letter

Food Waste Collection Template Letter

Designated Bags
Template Letter

Did You Know?


Legislation will be implemented on April 22, 2024 banning many single-use plastic items, including straws, cutlery, polystyrene food and drink containers, cotton buds, balloon sticks, glow sticks and more. In addition, restaurants will not be allowed to serve food in single-use plastic containers for dine in.