This has been on my mind every single day since I set the optional dress code for the fundraiser!

I wanted a beach theme, that bit was easy!  But what to do??

At the last couple of beach cleanups I have been keeping an eye out for interesting objects that I could wear 🙂

So far I have collected a large piece of an Amah bag which happens to fit nicely around my waist as a skirt

211 bottle lids which I had imagined being fashioned into some ‘stunning’ jewellery

I did find a very nice piece of red rope that could possibly be a belt

But nothing has actually been created yet!

I had visions the other night (at 1am!) that I could use my plastic grass from the sushi trays that I have been collecting for a couple of years, and make some sort of grass top or skirt but I only have about 80 pieces which would be somewhat revealing.

I was also caught wandering through DB with a bagfull of discarded ‘DANGER’ tape that I thought would make a nice shirt for Jeff – must get my sewing machine out.

But please don’t feel you have to sort through rubbish, beaches, parks to find materials for your own Trashion creations.  There is so much to use in your own home that doesn’t require nearly so much effort.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing …