Thanks to Typhoon Kai-Tak our beaches are covered with pellets again which is a good thing, they have been swept out of rocks and onto the beaches.  The more that we can remove from the tidelines over the next few days the better for the marine life and sea.  I’ve been out to the beaches in Discovery Bay this morning and there are a lot of pellets mixed in with the typhoon plastics & debris.

This is Nim Shue Wan.

And Sam Pak Wan at the North Plaza

The tides are really low at the moment so it is the perfect time to get out there now and help us remove this snow from the beaches.  This is Mui Wo below

Please keep up the great effort.  This weekend is critical for cleaning up as many as we can whilst they are still easily accessible.  There are lots of tools on many of the beaches and bags and gloves too.  But if you are going to a more remote beach please take your own supplies.  Brushes and dustpans are especially helpful at the moment.

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