Paper-Roses – Postcard Fundraiser

With these uncertain times upon us now, we can choose to slow down, reconnect and take on the things that really matter. Making time for the little things like the old-school joy of sending a hand-written note to a friend.

Now you can send your love and share your dreams in aid of Plastic Free Seas on a Paper-Roses for Plastic Free Seas postcard.

Paper-Roses is all about timeless simplicity and sharing beautiful, sustainable art.

For 2020, Penny, the founder and artist at Paper-Roses has produced three stunning and poignant pieces of art which highlight the effects of the plastic pollution crisis on our local marine species.

These have been turned into postcards that highlight the simple acts we can all undertake to reduce our reliance on single use plastics and have a big impact on our plastic-polluted waters.

Paper-Roses is donating a portion of the sale of each set of these limited edition postcards, which are printed on luxurious 100% post-consumer recycled paper, to Plastic Free Seas. 

You Can Support this Fundraiser in Multiple Ways

No matter what your budget is you can support Plastic Free Seas. See below for different ideas on what you can do. Write, display, share … there is something for everyone.

Frame Your Postcards

A work of art deserves pride of place in your life. Frame them for your office desk as a conversation starter, or hang them on your walls at home as a reminder to use less plastic.


Purchase one set of postcards (HKD $70/set)

Write to three friends and let them know how you are during this period of separation and isolation. Everyone loves receiving a handwritten note – even more so on a piece of art.

By connecting with your friends you are also supporting an artist and a charity during these difficult times – thank you!


Purchase four sets of postcards  (HKD$70/set).

Write on one set to three different friends with your plastic reduction tip or goal and include a “Pay It Forward” set of  postcards for each friend to pass on their message to three more people.

Send your love and share your dreams in aid of Plastic Free Seas!

Original Watercolour Artwork Available For Purchase

Paper-Roses is donating all of the proceeds from the sale of these three beautiful pieces of art to Plastic Free Seas.

The paintings are available unframed for HKD$1,800 each.

Please contact [email protected].  

Squid for lunch

By Penny Creedon
Watercolour on acid free paper
297mm W x 210mm H

The pink pull

By Penny Creedon
Watercolour on acid free paper
210mm W x 297mm H

In the drink

By Penny Creedon
Watercolour on acid free paper
200mm W x 400mm H

About the artist - Penny Creedon

Artist, Penny Creedon, is a nature lover. She was lucky enough to grow up in the English countryside and now lives in Hong Kong. One of the things she likes most about living in this vibrant and exciting city? The fact that it’s so easy to get out from between the skyscrapers and into nature, whether it’s into the rainforests or out onto the water.

Penny wanted to create the artwork for Plastic Free Seas because of the undeniable impact that pollution and our over reliance on single use plastics is having on our surroundings. While updated regulations are likely to be a factor in helping to end this, education is vital to bring about the changes in attitude needed to break our bad plastic habits. Penny freely admits that she is not perfect and knows that we can all make changes to the way we think about and use plastic. The education programme that Plastic Free Seas has put in place, and the passion and perseverance they have in delivering the message, will empower this change.

​By supporting this collaboration and purchasing a set of postcards, you can help fund the work of Plastic Free Seas, support artist Penny Creedon and share your concern for our plastic-polluted waters with your friends.

Spread the love and share the fundraiser through your network – thank you.