PFS Youth Conference 2013

21-23 November 2013

The PFS Youth Conference was the first of its kind in Hong Kong, bringing together students  with international activists, artists, environmentalists and more with the sole goal of inspiring action on plastic pollution.

It was educational, action packed and it was fun! The students collaborated, shared and gave fantastic project presentations on Day 3 showing their well thought out, practical plans for action.


12 Schools were involved:

Li Po Chun United World College, Harrow International, Tsung Kwan O Government Secondary, Discovery College, South Island School, Sing Yin Government Secondary, French International School, Chinese International School, HK Academy, HK UGA, Sha Tin College, American International School


Dr Marcus Eriksen (5 Gyres), Stiv Wilson (5 Gyres), Mandy Barker (artist, UK), Liina Klauss (artist, HK), Gary Stokes (Sea Shepherd), Dr Calvin Lau (HKSAR Govt. EPD), Karen Cheung (Yan Oi Tong), Tracey Read (Plastic Free Seas), Dove Chan (Active Communications), Emile Touzard (Litre of Light – French International School), Claire Sancelot (Zero Waste), Parrys Reines (Climate Girl, Australia).


Liina Klauss

Marcus Eriksen

Mandy Barker

Stiv Wilson

Gary Stokes

Claire Sancelot

Emile Touzard

Parrys Reines

Zero Waste Conference?

We had a goal of zero waste for the Plastic Free Seas Youth Conference.  This concept was the basis for all the decisions we made from our catering supplier to our decorations. It was challenging, frustrating and fun, and a very big learning experience.
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Checkout each day  to find out what went on

The talks, the breakout sessions and the fun parts

DAY 1 - Presentations, Drum Jam, Socialising, Volunteering, Brainstorming

♦ Plastic Recycling in Hong Kong – Karen Cheung, Yan Oi Tong ♦ Current Waste Issues – Dr. Calvin Lau, EPD ♦ Global Plastic Pollution – Dr. Marcus Eriksen, 5 Gyres Institute ♦ The power of one – multiplied by many! – Drum Jam! ♦ Reaching a Different Audience – Mandy Barker, Photographic Artist ♦ Liina Klauss – Trash Art Installation ♦ Rethinking Progress – Rethinking, Redesigning, Returning & Renewing our Future ♦ Volunteering with a Liter of Light – Emile Touzard, French International School ♦ Breakout Groups ♦

DAY 2 - Campaigning, Brainstorming, Communication, Presentations, Displays

 ♦ Digital Campaigning – Gary Stokes, Sea Shepherd Hong Kong ♦ Grassroots Campaigning – Stiv Wilson, 5 Gyres ♦ Student Breakout Sessions ♦ Active Communication – Dove Chan ♦ Microbeads – Tracey Read, Plastic Free Seas ♦ NGO Booths 

DAY 3 - Student Presentations, Trashion Show, Zero Waste, Climate Change

♦ Student Presentations ♦ Trashion Show – Beach Couture ♦ Bag Monster ♦ Zero Waste in the Home – Claire Sancelot ♦ Climate Girl! – Parrys Raines ♦ 

Presentations on Plastic Free Seas YouTube Channel

All the presentations were recorded and uploaded to our Plastic Free Seas YouTube Channel. To view them please click on the button below. Thank you for watching.

With thanks and appreciation for our event sponsors and supporters

We would like to acknowledge the companies noted below who have supported the conference with either discounted or sponsored goods and services. We are also extremely appreciative for the financial support we received from individual donors, corporate sponsorship and privately organised fundraisers – without this, Plastic Free Seas would not be able to effectively deliver and develop free educational programs to thousands of Hong Kong students each year.