Round Lantau Island Paddle

June 19, 2016 

A big thank you to Katherine Lynch, Katerina Vichou and Shu Pu, the three paddlers from Hong Kong Outrigger Canoe Club and Pure Ocean Connection who paddled 70km in double and solo outrigger canoes around all of Lantau Island on June 19, 2016.

$80,000+ was raised from Lantau Island Paddle!

A target of $80,000 was set. A big thank you to all of the donors who helped them exceed their target!

100% of all funds raised were equally split and donated to three HK charities: Sailability HK, Splash Hong Kong and Plastic Free Seas. The 3 charities focus their work on ocean conservation and equal access to ocean sports and swimming activities.

Shu, Katerina and Katherine

A big THANK YOU to all the people who helped us make this possible:
Plastic Free Seas, for letting us have the Little Blue Trawler and bringing so many beautiful people into this project

Sailability Hong Kong, for finding us a wonderful boatman

James Branch, for documenting our paddle with amazing drone footages

All the wonderful friends supporting on the day: Gary Stokes, K K Ho,  Michelle Chan, Jasmine Nunns, Olivia June Alfheim, Mai-Britt Alfheim, Henry-Thomas Wright, Petra Dzurova, Tracey Read, Julia Leung

Adie Leung and Lantau Boat Club for taking really good care of us. Christopher Johns and Rachel Mosen for paddling out to meet us

All our friends and families who donated generously for this campaign

Katherine, Katerina & Shu

SCMP Sport: June 18th

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