Japan is well know for many things and toilets are certainly one of them.  It is an experience going to the loo here because you really don’t know what to expect.  I am used to warm toilet seats now –  it was a bit freaky at the start but I am sure it is great in the winter.  I tried out some of the many water functions on the control panel next to the toilet I used in Fukushima the other morning.  Unfortunately being all in Japanese I didn’t know what to expect so some of them were a bit of a surprise.  Interesting way to start the day that’s for sure!
This morning I had music of sorts start playing when I sat down.  It was quite weird and I’m sure it was there to mask any other noises as it was quite loud.  But it sounded like the whooshing and watery noises you get when you are pregnant and having an ultrasound.  Not sure why they chose that but I am sure it was for a very good reason.
Apologies if anyone thinks this is a really inappropriate post on this blog and maybe it should have stayed in my diary rather than be broadcasted to the world but I thought it was fun even if it isn’t really about plastics!