The idea for including the Fashion Show was that I wanted to highlight some of the more sustainable options in fashion available in Hong Kong.  The clothing industry is a huge polluter of our waterways with the chemical dye processes.  Companies that use sustainable natural fibres and colour clothes with natural dyes are not only more healthy for the planet but also for us as the wearers.  So I would like to thank Lulu Hong Kong & Carrot, Banana & Peach for allowing me to show off some of their gorgeous range of affordable and sustainably made clothes.

The second part of the fashion show involved vintage and secondhand clothes.  Rewearing old clothes cuts down on the huge amount of textile waste that is disposed of in HK which the Environmental Protection Dept. estimates to be 253 TONNES EACH DAY!

The Fashion Show Started off with gorgeous clothing from Lulu Hong Kong.

Our first model is DEE. She is wearing the Lilas silk pleated top and the Stephanie Ikat printed silk skirt

This elegant top dresses up any outfit all while keeping you comfortable.

The skirt is the perfect silk mini, the Stephanie is cinched at the waist with an elastic band and falls around mid-thigh. You’re sure to turn heads with this number.

Melissa is wearing Lilas, a silk pleated neckline dress also from LuLu

This dress is made with natural dyes and is vegan.

This elegant dress is perfect for any occasion as it shimmers and its pleated neckline falls perfectly on the wearer.

Silk is a natural fiber that has unfortunately become unsustainable through mass production. LuLu’s peace silk process does not cruelly kill the hard-working silk worms; instead, it allows the moths to emerge from their cocoons and live. It is LuLu’s pleasure to undertake a more difficult but more sustainable process to turn the fine and precious cocoons into the most coveted and elegant dresses and tops

This dress is $1,230

Adele wears a sleeveless dress

Made with Natural dyes Organic cotton it has fine ribbed banding across the top and waistband allows for the dress to fall right where you need it. Comfortable enough for the summer or dressed up with boots.

This dress is priced at $860

Heidi is wearing the Diane Wrap Dress from Lulu.

The classic design of this wrap dress will take you quickly from day to night. The organic cotton fabric allows for both simplicity and style.

Lulu Hong Kong believes that we as a society need to rethink the way we produce consume and dispose of fashion. Lulu Hong Kong aims to show Hong Kongers that fashion can be fun while still being socially and environmentally responsible

LuLu’s organic cotton maintains the soft and classic feel of cotton without using any toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Conventional cotton production uses 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of all insecticides

This dress costs $900.

Available online at

Adele and Melissa are both wearing outfits from our next contributor, CARROT, BANANA & PEACH

Carrot, Banana & Peach is the authentic yoga brand for those who want to stretch out or break a sweat in eco-friendly, sustainable, stylish performance yoga wear that meets the needs of many forms of yoga.

Home grown in Britain during the 90’s, Carrot, Banana & Peach has remained committed to using natural based materials in sustainable eco-centric yoga clothes for men and women.

The signature bright colours which contrast with earthly tones on natural based materials, give Carrot, Banana & Peach a unique look and style. With attention to detail, quality and Mother Nature, you will not only feel fit and healthy when donning their brand but you’ll instantly feel the sports relevance in each twist, turn and jump as you are powered by nature.

There is a men’s range as well as the women’s. Prices start at about $350

You can find them online at

Next we have Jessica and Ajit.

These guys are modeling from a great vintage store based in Central called Bang Bang 70’s.

Jessica is wearing an authentic 1970’s Japanese housewife dress. This is teamed with a classic patent clutch bag, as relevant today as it was 40 years ago! Both could be purchased for around $1000

Ajit has the pleasure of wearing a 100% nylon and polyester mix classic 70’s shirt. Albeit extra deodorant needed in the summer months, this would not look out of place in any of Hong Kongs hip, young bars!!

Adele and Syd continue our Vintage theme

Adele is wearing a classic 1970’s sportswear dress in one of this season’s hottest colour, orange. The look is completed and updated for 2012 with a current shoulder bag. This outfit has been provided by VINTAGE HONG KONG, located in SOHO, Central.

Syd compliments Adele with a blouson sports jackets and original sports bag. Both are from Bang Bang 70’s which is located in SOHO Central. This store is a treasure trove of men’s and women’s clothes and accessories from the 70’s.

Vintage HK is G/F 57-59 Hollywood Road, Central, HK

Bang Bang 70s is 1/F No.16A Aberdeen St, Central, HK