When I have explained to people what I will be doing there is usually one of two responses.  Wow!  That sounds so awesome, what an incredible life changing opportunity! or Why on earth would you want to do that?

There are actually quite a few reasons I want to go.

Over the last 7 years of living on a beach in HK it has become painfully obvious that there is a serious problem in our sea.  Everyday I see evidence of this and it worries me a lot.  I have the opportunity here in HK to do something about this problem.  Yes it is a global issue of significance but I truly believe that I can do my own small part.  Through DB Green (www.dbgreen.org), Discovery Bay’s fabulous environmental group, I have been speaking in schools to kids of all ages about this issue and what each of us can do to make changes in our lives.  In these talks I show photographs of trawl samples from the plastic soup, mammals, fish and birds that have been affected by marine debris and speak about an area I haven’t been to.  I want to go and see it for myself, learn as much as I can from the experts and bring back actual samples of this area and continue to alert people to what we are creating with our disposable and wasteful lives.  HK needs to wake up.  Our throwaway lifestyle is not sustainable.

I also want to see what it is like to live for a month without a mobile phone constantly in reach and to lie on the deck of the boat at night and see nothing but a bazillion stars.