Workplace Action

Here are a few easy ideas to get you started on reducing waste in your workplace or office environment. Get as many people as you can involved, afterall, everyone is part of the problem and the solution!

There are simple steps that a company can take to help minimise the amount of plastic waste created in the office.


1. Ensure there are waste separation bins in accessible locations for staff to use. Share the company’s commitment to reduction and recycling, and ask the staff to do their part by recycling properly and letting them know what that means.

2. Do you know where your recycling goes once it leaves the office? The more you know, the more you can share with the staff to encourage them to participate. One of the biggest barriers to recycling is a lack of trust in the system.

3. Install water filters on the taps in the pantry. This will alleviate the need for single-use water bottles and water dispensers, which despite being reusable and recyclable, are unnecessary and also a waste of money. Once you install filters, make sure you communicate this with the staff.

4. Offer reusable cutlery, plates and cups in the pantry for staff use to eliminate the need for disposable items.

5. Remove individual rubbish bins from people’s desks to increase the amount of waste that gets recycled. 

6. Have reusable lunch boxes and coffee cups available for people to borrow for their take-away lunch

7. Consider buying the staff a reusable coffee cup, container or cutlery set to show them your commitment to reduction.

Staff are more likely to participate in reduction strategies if they believe the company, and upper management, are fully engaged in the issue. By taking these steps to reduce plastic waste, you are encouraging your staff to do their bit as well.

Plastic Footprint Investigation

Do a waste audit to find out how much single-use, disposable plastic is being used in your office each day.  The results may be shocking! Then work together to find replacement solutions for all the throwaway plastic items that are being used unnecessarily.

Choose sustainability over convenience!

Download this PDF to start your Plastic Footprint Investigation and begin your waste reduction journey.

6 Simple Tips

Often it is the little things done repetitively that make the biggest difference.  What new habits can you create by making a switch, BYO or refusing to buy a particular product? 

Choose sustainability over convenience.

Download the PDF to put up in your office to remind everyone to use less plastic and create less waste.